Monday, June 10, 2013

Road To Civil War: The Private Journal of Bruce Banner (Part 1)

KnightErrantJR is currently running a Civil War campaign over Google Hangouts using the awesome (and now defunct) Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game. There's 7 other players involved, and I'm impressed with how well Jared's been handling it so far. I have the awesome privilege of being able to play Bruce Banner (and the Hulk, of course). Surprisingly enough, I find Banner far more interesting than his mean, green, alter ego but haven't yet had much chance to explore the man behind the monster. Reading up on his history, watching a few episodes from the television series and the movies, I just feel really bad for the poor guy.

He risked his life to help someone else and, in return, he was cursed. I'm not saying that other heroes don't have it rough, but still, they've got nothing on poor Bruce Banner. Sure, Spider-Man's got the Parker Luck and he's suffered his fair share of tragedy, but he also gets to make out with Black Cat. Just sayin'.

However, I'm getting off point. Basically, one of the players (who plays Wolverine) has started writing a journal of sorts for his character. I liked the idea and, well, here we are. Hopefully, I can do some justice to Dr. Banner and Jade Jaws.