Thursday, June 2, 2011

How The Hell Do I Recap All Of This Part 3: Necromancer vs. Clubber Lang

Hrm. Where were we last time? Oh right.

After the little scuffle with Mongul, the team heads back to their respective hotel rooms/apartments/other places to unwind and relax. For Marathon, this means taking a shower and finding that the Riddler has broken in. And since both of them are PI's, Nygma decides to show a little professional courtesy and inform Marathon that David Cain is trying to find out more about his past, in return for Marathon putting in a good word for Edward with the Department of Metahuman Affairs. He agrees, and upon discovering this new information develops.. possibly homocidal tendencies towards Mr. Cain.

With things being somewhat quiet for the moment in Central City, Marathon decides to go to Gotham, and the rest of the team goes with him. Having already had some experience fighting super powered criminals, the villainous pickings of Gotham seem somewhat... slim, especially to Myrmidon who doesn't understand why Gotham PD should have any trouble with these people. Especially given how, almost shortly after they arrive, the group easily takes down Black Mask. They also receive word that another 'villain' by the name of Film Freak, who apparently creates crimes similar to movies. However, the group decides to wait on that one while they contact the Riddler about David Cain.

Riddler tells them that David Cain will arrive to see him in a few days, and the group decides to set a trap for him then. Meanwhile, Marathon continues to appear borderline, going out in search of the man.

And while Marathon is busy scouring the city for David Cain's whereabouts, the other members of the group receive a visit from Fake Batman & Robin:

Fake Batman & Robin decide to give the group a warning, telling them to get out of town within 24 hours or else. The group responds by giving the false Dynamic Duo even less time to get out of town or else. The situation quickly breaks down and 'Batman' & 'Robin' leave, though not before Fake Robin taunts Fahrenheit by calling him 'Minion Spawn', which is somewhat baffling to the other members of the team. Of course, the group has another problem to deal with as they watch a bus speed out of control down the street.

Springing into action, several of the heroes board the bus, discovering that there's a bomb on board that will explode if the bus goes below a certain speed. The group can only assume that this is the work of the recently escaped Film Freak, and so they get to work attempting to dismantle the bomb. However, rather than waste time, Myrmidon grabs it, jumps out of the bus, and runs to Gotham Harbor, throwing the bomb into an empty stretch of water where it will explode safely (well, except for the fish). When he returns, the group is approached by the press which includes the lovely Vicki Vale.

Vicki Vale? Va va voom!

While Myrmidon chats her up, Necromancer leaves to try and track down Marathon before he does something he might regret. However, he doesn't have much luck in finding his renegade teammate.

However, Marathon has great luck, even managing to find the hotel that David Cain is staying at. He takes an alternate route to Cain's room, going in through the window, telekinetically grabbing him and hauling him out into the sky. While Marathon's outside, Necromancer is inside the hotel, attempting to find Marathon until he becomes mesmerized by two porn star assassins. Outside, Marathon warns David Cain to leave his family alone, with David Cain responding rather calmly given that he's hundreds of feet in the air over Gotham Harbor.

Cain informs him that he's not so much interested in Marathon as he is in his fellow teammate Fahrenheit. It seems that there's some door in Zandia that will only open for Fahrenheit, whether he knows it or not. Whatever is inside there is very important, and there are a lot of people that would be happy to get their hands on him to get access to that door. After threatening Cain again, Marathon calls in Steve Trevor to pick Cain up and hopefully put him away for good.

When they meet up, Steve introduces a new member of the team: Paradox. He works in the Department of Metahuman Affairs, but Trevor wants someone from his organization on the team to keep a closer eye on Waller's activities. Both Marathon and Sir Osric-I mean Paradox head back to Gotham, only to discover that Fahrenheit and Myrmidon are under attack by Merlin and several other supervillains, who are apparently attempting to capture Fahrenheit for whatever reason everyone else seems to be after him.

The group meet back up again and defeat the villains, but receive nothing in the way of answers from Fahrenheit. They meet up with Harvey Bullock who takes them to see Commissioner Gordon. Gordon isn't exactly pleased with their appearance in town, having developed a system with Batman to deal with these criminals, he wasn't prepared for a group of superheroes to drop into town and start doing what they do best: capturing bad guys and causing wanton property damage in the process.

The team informs Gordon about Fake Batman & Robin, hoping that they might be able to lure them out. Myrmidon suggests using the bat signal, so they head up to the roof and turn it on. While they don't get any sightings of Fake Batman & Robin, they are visited by Talia al Ghul.

Talia informs them that she is taking Fake Batman & Robin with her to deal with her father Ra's al Ghul. Apparently Ra's is after something called the 'Reckoning' which could be very dangerous given how eager Ra's is to wipeout all mankind. However, Myrmidon is not in favor of this and attacks Talia, who deftly dodges the attack. When Marathon tries to stop him, Myrmidon throws the bat signal at him and leaves. The rest of the group deals with Talia, Marathon trying to gather information from her, and Necromancer drooling over her.

Of course, before they have a chance to do much else, they receive a call from Amanda Waller, demanding they return to Belle Reeve. Upon arriving, they discover that Fahrenheit isn't with them either, but what's more important is that Mongul is on the rampage and the 'safeties' in place to keep this from happening aren't working. The team gets back in touch with both Fahrenheit and Myrmidon, enlisting their help to deal with Mongul once more. Of course, Myrmidon has reservations about it, as he wants to make sure he's back in Gotham in time for his date with Vicki Vale.

Necromancer teleports the team outside Central City to where Mongul is demanding that Myrmidon face him. When the team arrives, they also discover Demoana(?), who stayed behind in Central City, is dead. Necromancer attempts to bring her back to life, but its already been too long. Enraged by what Mongul has done, he instead summons several spirits, including Demoana's, to fight the alien overlord. The group fights as hard as they ever have to take Mongul down, managing to overpower him through sheer numbers.

After Mongul is defeated, agents from both Waller and from the Department of Metahuman Affairs arrive to take Mongul into custody. The team destroys the transport vehicle that Waller's agents brought, leaving the Department of Metahuman Affairs the only ones able to secure Mongul. When the media arrives to interview the heroes, Myrmidon informs them that Waller was behind all of this, and that she has been using a team of supervillains to further her own agenda.

Steve Trevor arrives shortly thereafter, informing the team that Waller will be placed into custody and that the team will now fall under the Department's jurisdiction, making them government agents.

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