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How The Hell Do I Recap All Of This Part 2: The Quickening

Wait, that's not what I'm recapping... Oh right.

It's been a while since I've posted about our game. As I may have mentioned in the past, in the DC Adventures game, I play Necromancer, a magic user who can summon and communicate with the dead.

Earth 52: DC Adventures Recap

The last time we caught up with our band of intrepid heroes, they were headed to Central City to begin their crime fighting escapades, or should I say icecapades?

After getting set up in a hotel and having some time to relax after their last fight, the group decides to head out and start patrolling the city for villains and ne'er-do-wells. However, before they can get to work, the nearby monorail breaks and the train flies off the tracks, causing damage to nearby power lines and creating all sorts of chaos. The team jumps into action, with Necromancer summoning up the shadows themselves to do his bidding, lifting the train back up onto the tracks as Demoana(?) and Beorn (bear guy) work to turn off the electrical grid, and Fahrenheit Myrmidon goes about putting out nearby fires, Fahrenheit with his powers, Myrmidon with his body.

After the situation is under control, the media is on the scene to interview this group of strange new heroes. The team follows Waller's instructions to not inform anyone of their government origins, and so remain somewhat tight lipped on the subject of their origins, though Fahrenheit comes up with some bizarre backstory featuring volcanoes and I think there was something about cursed tiki idol. Wasn't there something like that in the Brady Bunch? Anywho...

The citizens of Central City are relieved to see a group of heroes after so many have gone missing, and so the team decides that what they need to do is take out some high profile villains to better improve the people's morale. After following the crimes being committed by Flash's Rogues, they discover a pattern in the attacks, realizing that the next location to be hit will be the Flash Museum! In order to stop these nefarious.. nincompoops.. they stake the place out, preparing to spring a trap on their unsuspecting enemies.

While most of the team hides, Marathon (team loudmouth) decides to stand on the front steps in his garish yellow and red costume for everyone to see. The criminals arrive, their group consisting of Weather Wizard, Heat Wave, Tar Pit, and Captain Cold (I may be missing someone). However, only Weather Wizard seems to notice Marathon waiting for them, but before he can inform these ignorant individuals of their immediate and impending immolation, the team springs their trap. As they realize Weather Wizard is the only one aware of the trap, the team immediately gangs up on him, much to Weather Wizard's dismay.

The team makes short work of the group, even managing to stop Captain Cold from escaping with the help of his friend Mirror Master. With him in tow, the team begins the interrogation, discovering that this group of vile villains was hired to perform these crimes, perhaps as a distraction for some other abominable agenda. Captain Cold gives them the directions to their hideout and once the bad guys are in custody, the team takes off to investigate. What they find, however, is an empty warehouse. With no sign of Mirror Master, the group does some searching, but what they discover is that they're the ones who've been found. By a group of speed ninjas, that is.

Luckily, thanks to their ability to sense danger, the group is not caught too off guard, and they manage to make short work of the ninjas. But after interrogating one of these super speedy assassins, they discover that they are cultists of Savitar, one of Flash's Rogues. The cultist speaks of the 'Reckoning' but much of what he says is useless. The team ties up the cultists and calls for the authorities to collect them before heading out. On the way out, though, they are greeted by another team of super powered people, though this one is decidedly less.. heroic then their own.

With the help of Fahrenheit's somewhat unusual knowledge of superheroes and villains, they learn that this is a group of villains. Not just that, but a group of supposedly dead supervillains. However, Necromancer's finely tuned magical senses discover that they are not zombies. Apparently, this team was sent by Waller to do the 'clean up' on the less.. photogenic jobs. They're the team that does the dirty work, apparently. However, several of the team are not interested in handing over anyone to a group of supervillains.

Growing tired of this stand off, Mongul breaks away from his team to attack Myrmidon, and the two duke it out. Even though faced with the undisputed lord and master of War World, Myrmidon manages to hold his own, even bruising the alien conquerer before Task Force X can rein him in and take him away. With the authorities arriving to take care of the cultists, the team sets off to return to their hotel and prepare for the next day of crime fighting.

Recap to be continued...

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