Saturday, May 7, 2011

How The Hell Do I Recap All Of This?

Okay... So... Been a while since I posted last. Don't look at me that way, it's a pain in the ass to walk across town. Plus my Zune headphones broke and I hate walking without some music to distract me.

Anyway.. well, I guess I'll start with the most recent game:

The Shackled City (Pathfinder)

I've been in a Pathfinder game for over a month now, playing a Gnome Gunslinger named Fandango Galbraith Firebrand. Fandango, his brother Alastair (played by Ryan, a guy I game with frequently), and a wizened old halfling named Nathaniel Pennywhistle joined up with the current party whose names I can't for the life of me remember for which I apologize. Anyway, the party had been investigating goblin graffiti in a cave. Not exactly the most pressing adventure to be had, but it pays the bills.

Shortly after joining up, the group ran into a large number of goblins and had to fight. Sadly both Fandango and Alastair did a less than stellar job, partially due to guns jamming and due to low damage. Apparently small guns hurt less than normal sized guns. I always figured you've got about an equal chance being killed by a Derringer as you do by a Desert Eagle, but meh. We defeated the goblins, made use of their corpses as a wall, and hid behind it to get some rest.

However, that rest was interrupted when a Necromancer and his Tiefling friend showed up. Thanks to some rather mind numbing magic by Nathaniel, we were able to defeat the Necromancer and cause the Tiefling to run off. With a captured wizard, there was a great deal of discussion about what should be done with him. Some wanted to just kill him, others wanted to get the information he had and then cut his thumbs off, and a few (including Fandango) just wanted to find out what he knew and then send him on his way. We made short work of him, after all. It wasn't as though he was going to try and jump us later on just so he could get curb stomped a second time.

Venturing further into the caves, we found some rooms that had been built, most likely for the goblins and whoever they were serving. In our search, we inadvertently stumbled across the Tiefling woman again. She attacked, we beat her, and rather than go through another hour long party harangue about the ethics of torture, I shot her. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the good of the party.

But things did not go so well soonafter. While the party began searching the barracks, looking for anything of value, Alastair wandered away from the group to go scout out the caves. However, his search led him right into a group of angry orcs. When the party discovered he was missing, they found him dead, cleaved in twain by the murderous monsters. Fandango and the party slaughtered the orcs and their friends when they showed up, avenging Alastair's death. Fandango has been shaken by the experience, but attempts to keep it hidden, the full effect of what his brother's death had on him still unknown, even to himself.

After Fandango mourned the loss of his brother, and the party sort of mourned the loss of an acquaintance, they moved on, determined to be done with this god awful cave. They did find the other end of the cave, and with it, another Tiefling. However, this one proved to be less murderous than the last one. In fact, this Tiefling was a Paladin of Tyr! Yes, a very unexpected character. However, after the party fighter was convinced not to go on a killing spree, we continued onward in our exploration of the cave.

It didn't take long before our next fight. Spotting a goblin spying on us, Fandango rushed ahead of the group and shot the foul creature. It ran, naturally, and he gave chase, only to find that it had retreated back to the room of it's master a Bugbear. Fighting a Bugbear is scary enough because, as we all know, Bugbears are dangerous serial killers.

That was bad enough, but imagine our surprise when he turned out to be a vampire Bugbear!

With a throne that was actually some sort of undead Transformer (obviously a Decepticon) and aided by a group of goblin shamans who could heal them, it certainly looked to be a tough fight. However, with a paladin and two clerics, the odds were slightly in our favor. Fandango didn't get to do a whole lot of fighting, peeking around the door and taking pot shots at goblins, but the real hero of the fight was the wrinkled, old, Nathaniel Pennywhistle, who actually chased the vampire down as it went vaporous and attempted to escape.

With the vampire dead, its chair Carnage Destructicus slagged, and the goblins crushed, we looted the hell out of the place and left. Surprisingly, our eyes did not melt after having become adapted to living underground for so long. And once we hit town we sold the loot, bought some equipment (got myself a fancy new pistol and a shotgun!), and took a long deserved rest.

And that catches us back up. Stay tuned, as tomorrow I recap Earth 52, our DC Adventures game where I play Necromancer, a spellcaster that everyone thinks is a creepy, emo, serial killer.

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  1. I totally love playing with you. I wish you played more games I liked/can be in!

  2. You know, Vaerlin didn't really need to be talked out of a killing spree, its just that it seemed to be the most logical course of action at the time.

    In fact, we actually did end up resolving everything by going on a killing spree, the spree just didn't involve the tiefling paladin. Yet.

    Now that I've got all of that killin' out of my system, while we have some downtime, I need to find some clients to represent in court. Its good to have a fall back profession.