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Portrait Of A Necromancer, pt. 2

Portrait Of A Necromancer
Caught Between Two Worlds And Halfway To The Next

I don't think I've ever really explained much about the Necromancer's powers. I've mentioned that he's a mystic, capable of casting spells but during game I've ever only really said the names. After reading the section of the M&M book on descriptors, I figured that it was as good a time as any to go ahead and explain the spells most commonly used by my character and describe what they actually look like.

Necromancy (34 PP Array)

Unlike other spellcasters who simply title their arrays as 'Magic', I went with Necromancy because while Daniel is just as capable of performing the same wide range of spells as other mystics, his spells often take on a somewhat darker 'flavor'.

Decay: Weaken Toughness 16, Affects Objects, DC 26 vs. Fortitude

A close up spell, this one requires that the Necromancer lay a hand on the target of the power before it works. A blazing green glyph forms in the palm of Daniel's hand, siphoning away the durability from both objects and people, leaving people weaker and reducing objects to ash as they lose all structural integrity.

Enervation: Cumulative Affliction 10, Fatigued/Exhausted/Incapacitated, DC 20 vs. Fortitude

Another hand to hand spell, this one designed to siphon away the life essence from others, leaving them weakened and drained until they pass out from the strain. The effects of this one are not immediate until contact is made and the Necromancer pulls the opponent's life force from them before letting it disperse into the ether.

Ephemeral Shift: Insubstantial 4, Incorporeal, Reaction

When something dangerous presents itself or an obstacle needs to be bypassed, this spell is particularly handy. When cast, the Necromancer becomes ethereal, faded out, and his features some more gaunt, almost like one of the very ghosts he communicates with.

Mending the Mortal Coil: Healing 10, Resurrection

While it might seem odd for a necromancer to be capable of healing, it's also important to note the role of a necromancer is not just focused on death. They serve as a bridge between the realms of the living and the dead, and their magic follows suit because so. With this spell, the Necromancer not only maintains the health of others, but also maintains the balance of life and death, ensuring that no one dies unjustly.

When cast, he seems to pull mana from the air itself, pouring it into the injured to heal their wounds. When returning the dead to life, he calls back their souls before they have well and truly passed on, guiding them back to their earthly vessels so that they may live again, until it is well and truly their time to leave.

Mortis Incursus: Ranged Damage 17, DC 32

The standard big attack spell, for when the more refined attack spells don't seem to be working. A blast of pure necromantic energy, it takes the form of a large orb of green flame, within which can briefly be seen the gaunt, skeletal, faces of the unjust dead.

Quell The Spark: Nullify 16, Counters: Magical Effects, DC 26

A counterspell, absolutely essential when going up against other spellcasters or magically imbued villains. When cast, it appears as misty green tendrils of glowing light which seek out the magic, sapping it of its energy. In essence, it 'kills' the spell.

Quicken The Dead: Summon 4, Multiple Minions 2 (4 Minions), Horde

As a necromancer, Daniel often speaks with the dead, communicating with them and, on occasion, seeking their aid in battle. However, the spell requires a great deal of concentration, sometimes leaving him vulnerable as he ensures that the spirits are able to interact with the earthly realm. This spell doesn't have any real visible components, given that no one can see the ghosts that are summoned.

Sepulchral Gateway: Movement 2, Dimensional: Mystical Dimensions, Increased Mass 5 (1,600 lbs.)

Sometimes its necessary for a mystic to seek out information on other planes of existence, which this spell facilitates. With the Sepulchral Gateway, the Necromancer is able to traverse the mystical dimensions, and able to take others with him if necessary. When cast, he and anyone or anything with him is engulfed in green flame and disappears.

Shadow Sculpting: Create 10, DC 20, Selective

A fairly useful spell, this one allows the Necromancer to bring the shadows themselves to his aid, forming them into whatever is required at the moment. Sometimes these are cages to capture villains, tracks to keep trains from going off the rails, giant demonic gauntlets to catch planes and the like. The shadows themselves spilling outward and taking shape are the most obvious component of this spell.

Shadowstep: Teleport 14, 60 miles in a move action, carrying 1,600 lbs., Extended (16,000 miles in 2 move actions), Medium (Shadow)

The Necromancer's primary means of transportation, allowing him to jump from shadow to shadow over rather large distances. When cast, the shadows around Daniel and any teammates he is currently taxi-ing around seem to reach out and devour them, spitting them out at their destination.

Skull Swarm: Ranged Damage 9, DC 23, Multiattack, Accurate 4, Homing 2, Affects Insubstantial 2

The Necromancer's more refined attack spell, a bit more utilitarian and much more likely to hit the intended target. When cast, Daniel throws a small green fireball which explodes into a swarm of tiny skulls wreathed in green flame. The skulls zoom about, leaving green trails in the air behind them as they home in on their target, shrieking the whole way. Obviously, the spell is meant to be unnerving to his opponents, though it can, and generally is, unnerving to his allies as well.

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