Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Earth 52 #11

Alright, it's been a while since I've made a post on here. And while this is very last minute, at least I'm getting it done. Plus, I finally figured out some stuff with Blogger and was able to update the post editor, giving me access to some neat tools and the like, including an 'After The Jump' button (thank god). So, without further ado, I bring you the recap for the eleventh 'issue' of the award winning* Earth 52 game

So, our story begins where it left off, with Marathon and Myrmidon flying back to Central City after depositing an unholy relic of evil into an apocalypse-proof bunker. The trip will take them four days, and in that time to rest of the team has been able to begin settling comfortably into their new, stripper-free, headquarters. After dealing with all the things they have, they take a few days to just relax and get their bearings. However, not everyone is so content to give the New Guard a break.

Trevor contacts the team and asks them to check the news. They turn on the T.V. and see as Abra Kadabra makes an armored car disappear. Annoyed by the appearance of yet another of Flash's Rogues and the ruining of their vacation, the Necromancer immediately teleports to the scene and shoots Abra Kadabra in the back with a magical blast, knocking him out cold. At this point he realizes that it wasn't just Abra causing trouble in Central City, but also Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Heat Wave, Tar Pit, and Girder. However, given the Rogues success rate thus far, Daniel wasn't worried.

As the rest of the New Guard race to Central City, the battle begins in.. earnest? As soon as the first shot is fired, the Necromancer becomes incorporeal, and the Rogues are left wondering what they'll do now that their 'magic guy's been clocked. With no means of damaging the intangible death mage, the rest of the Guard have plenty of time to arrive. And then the battle begins in earnest.

Fahrenheit clashes with Heat Wave as the two test their abilities against one another, Myrmidon tackles Tar Pit, Paradox and Girder trade blows, Beorn makes Weather Wizard cry, Marathon throws Captain Cold around like a sock monkey, and the Necromancer plays nurse. While the fight seems to be going fairly well for the New Guard, things start getting just a little too fair when Tar Pit knocks Myrmidon out and drops an armored car on top of him. That, combined with Captain Cold's severe injuries, leaves the mystic of the team running back and forth just making sure nobody dies.

However, once things start to get a bit more stable, the team is able to come back and take the bad guys down one by one until only Tar Pit remains. A blast of plasma is fired across the battlefield and the team finds themselves dealing with an unknown costumed vigilante.

Once they deal with Tar Pit and make sure that the Rogues are all tied up and ready to be sent back to Iron Heights, they confront the mysterious man who introduces himself as Captain Am-I mean Agent Liberty. It seems he's also an opponent of Amanda Waller's and has been keeping tabs on her and her 'Task Force X' for a while now. And while Marathon falls madly in love with the man, he informs the rest of the team that Task Force X has raided Gorilla City and taken their people hostage on a tanker in the Atlantic (I think), in the hopes of finding anyone who might be an ally to Grodd who may know the most about the Reckoning Device.

So, with this new information, the team decides that their next course of action should be to free the gorillas and deal with Task Force X. Marathon suggests going to Belle Reeve and killing Waller, which Necromancer firmly objects to, finally out stubborn-ing Marathon into going with them to the tanker. And so the team, along with USAgent Liberty, climbs aboard the invisible helicopter and heads off for the Atlantic (Pretty sure it's the Atlantic. Like.. 85% sure) to free some super intelligent gorillas from the clutches of evil.
So, the latest session was very fun. We fought Flash's Rogues for the second time and they're always good for a laugh, we reached Power Level 11 (weee!), and we're possibly making progress on the whole 'Reckoning Device' quest. Plus there'll be hyper intelligent gorillas! I'll admit I'm damn anxious to see what happens next and how we manage to deal with it, hopefully without dying.

Oh, and before I forget, here's the cover of the upcoming session of Earth 52:

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