Monday, March 7, 2011

Ghost Hunting

Well, the Earth 52 game is tomorrow and I've been doing a bit of ghost research and the like for my character: The Necromancer. After all that research, I've come to a single conclusion: I hate ghost hunting shows.

Have you ever watched these shows? They're terrible, and yet they stay on the air. I've watched tons of them and they're always the same. Always. You have a bunch of people go into some house or building at night with their stupid night vision cameras, walking around in the dark and then stopping periodically to look surprised or scared and say, "Did you hear that?"

No, I didn't hear it. The reason being that there was nothing to hear. And then at the end they all compile their 'evidence' or lack thereof and assume that the place must really be haunted. I have never seen an episode of one of these shows that had anything even remotely compelling about it.

The reason shows like this annoy me because they are so incredibly boring. I'm not sure who they're supposed to be pandering to. Now, I'm not saying that I'm a skeptic or anything like that. When it comes to the religious and the supernatural, I don't really have a place where I fit. I'm not a believer, but I'm not a doubter, either. Mostly, I'm just a 'don't carer'.

Mood: Annoyed

Music: 'Song Of Imaginary Beings' by IAMX

Quote Of The Day: "A young man leads the fight for spice." - DIRECTV Summary of Dune

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