Friday, March 18, 2011

'Review': Earth 52 #2

Again I'm late on posting this, but I am trying to get around to this stuff. Just been a busy week.

Our latest session of Earth 52 was, to be honest, pretty damn fun. I'm diving headfirst into a setting that I really know very little about and we've already run into some memorable characters.

The issue starts with five people, four men and one woman, waking up in what appears to be some kind of facility. After taking a moment to get their bearings, they meet the woman behind their current predicament: Amanda Waller. Despite being unable to remember the last year of their lives, Ms. Waller informs them that they all willingly joined Project: Fallback, with documentation to prove it. Of course, some of the 'team' remained unconvinced.

In the mean time, they are given the Cliff Notes version of what has happened in the past year. The Justice League is gone. Not dead (as far as we know), just gone, and the Justice Society and the Teen Titans have disappeared along with them. Currently the world is in dire need of heroes, with super powered criminals running amok all over the United States, except strangely for Metropolis which remains a bastion of law and order, thanks to Ex-President Luthor. Still, its good to see him staying active after his presidency.

The team also meets Steve Trevor who works for the Bureau for Metahuman Affairs who also does not seem entirely trusting of Amanda Waller. The team is given a few proposed sites to begin their work and they eventually decide that Central City, being the closest to their current location of Belle Reve Penitentiary, or rather a base built onto what once was Belle Reve before Bizarro destroyed it and freed all of its imprisoned supervillains.

After 'suiting up', the nameless team heads for Central City by way of inconspicuous limo, only to have it blow up around them. As the heroes crawl from the wrecked vehicle, they find themselves face to face with a team of deadly assassins: Double Dare, Lady Vic, and some assassin guy whose name eludes me (as I said, not very knowledgeable when it comes to DC). Being attacked, the team jumps into action. Wearing only a hospital gown, Marathon, whose only visible power up until this point had been Super Paranoia, flew out of the Limo and began creating force bubbles around people's heads, to strangle them.

Still in the limo, Necromancer made short work of the divider by turning it to ash long enough to pull the driver out to safety, only to be confronted and shot by Lady Vic. Luckily, the 'Casket Jacket' that he made and etched with magical symbols provided some much needed protection from bullets. Fahrenheit joined Marathon in the air, firing heat blasts to slowly wear down the provocatively dressed French acrobats (That Nightwing and his sexy rogues gallery). He got some much needed support from Beorn who had, up to that point, barely spoken more than two words since they'd awoken. Transforming into a BEAR, Beorn grabbed one of the Double Dare twins and gave her a very painful bear hug.

Before long, Marathon dropped the assassin guy, Fahrenheit dealt with Double Dare, and Necromancer defeated Lady Vic, thanks in large part to the scary bear with the claws and the crushing with its arms. However, though the fight appeared to be over, Fahrenheit spotted a figure hiding nearby, perhaps waiting for the team to drop their guard. Before he could attack, the unknown figure revealed himself to be Deathstroke the Terminator. However, despite his legendary status, the team managed to take him down rather quickly. Project: Fallback was proving to be a huge success.

With the villains defeated and taken into custody, our team of intrepid heroes head for Central City to continue the rather dangerous task ahead of them.

By the way, here's an alternate cover for this session:

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