Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dresden Files Recap

Well, last night was certainly fun, though the fun could have been even greater if the game had even 1 more person! Is no one interested in jumping into the Dresdenverse?!

Anyway.. last night continued from where we left off on the previous run, tracking down the only lead we had so far. After an attempted hit on a wealthy businessman whose name we did not recall, we took down the license plate number of one of the cars and tracked it down. Searching the guy's home turned up diddly so we decided to leave before we were caught burglarizing, an activity which both Roland (Dave's trashman/magical artifact collector) and Nathan (my Sorcerer) were both less than adequate at.

On the way back home to rest and recuperate, we discovered the vehicle parked outside a nearby nightclub. We pulled over and I worked some magnetic mojo to yank a piece off of the car's bumper, which would come in handy when we decided to track him down again. Roland uses one of those fancy little magic items of his to take a psychometric reading off of it, getting some brief visions of where the car has been, the only one really standing out is at some meeting next to a limousine. After that it was off to enjoy some sleep, something which the game's namesake gets very little of, I've noticed.

Next morning, I run a tracking spell on the piece of bumper and decide to go looking for it on my own (Roland needs his beauty sleep after all). Tracking the car down proves to be a fruitless effort given my spellslinger has no method of transportation besides the public variety and his own feet. So, without any success I hit up 'Big Daddy Kane', the proprietor of a local 'Voodoo' shop which specializes in selling trinkets that have nothing to do with the actual practice.

Having tapped him as a contact early in this case, he's been working to dig up info on the most likely suspects (people who have the money and the means to be producing Third Eye). The list of people is surprisingly short, as most of the people capable of doing this are now turning up dead. He gives me the list which contains the very same man that I spent the day trying to track down. Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

After getting home, I hit up Roland on the phone and give him the info, thinking we're definitely on to something. However, Roland has a different theory, believing that it isn't our current suspect (Chin Lo Fan) who is behind the Third Eye but rather the man he attempted to kill, the wealthy businessman whose name we can't remember. It's a possibility, so its not ruled out, but at this point its still only theory.

When we meet back up, I set up the tracking spell again, just in case we might need it. In the mean time, we head to the stately manor of the wealthy businessman whose name we have recently learned, after reading the paper, is Sandoval Kane, COO of Kane Westfield Pharmaceuticals. And they say print is dead. Pfah! However, given the man's wealth he was able to purchase a gate, which hampered our efforts of finding out anything about him, so rather than be arrested for trespassing we leave and follow the tracking spell to Chin Lo Fan's car.

Our timing is impeccable, arriving on the scene just as the tracking spell dissipates and Lo Fan leaves in a different car. We tail him, apparently unnoticed, with the aid of Roland's impeccable driving skills and his knowledge of the city. Lo Fan and his entourage head into a.. less reputable section of town, driving into a garage which immediately closes behind them. We continue to 'drive casually' around to a back alley behind the garage and plan our next step.

Though its incredibly stupid, we decide that the direct approach is the best one. We'll confront Lo Fan; if our new theory is correct than there won't be any need for a fight, if it isn't correct.. well.. then we just get the hell out of there. However, before we can put that plan into action, we notice a transient hanging around in the alley. We both approach, Roland attempting to chat him up and I notice that, for a transient, he has some very nice boots. I mention it, of course, as it just seemed like an interesting thing to me, and the faux hobo runs.

I give chase while Roland checks out what's going on inside the garage from a window. It appears that Chin Lo Fan is meeting with someone, and isn't very happy, so angry that he starts lapsing into Mandarin ('Lapsing Into Mandarin' is going to be the name of my band now). On the chase side of things, after a bit of sprinting, I manage to catch up with him. However, I'm not very good at tackling people to the ground, as a scrawny emo-boy wrestling is not my forte, so I use a Water evocation to turn the ground ahead of him into ice, which happens to be a very good decision given that he was just about to turn around and slug me in the gut.

Slipping and falling on his ass, I barely have time to try and interrogate my fighting bum friend before Roland comes screeching around the corner, and the sound of gunshots rings out on the night streets. It seems during my somewhat one sided discussion with the supposed transient (who wears nice boots and bulletproof vests, very chic) Roland decided to drive by the front and throw a rock through their window in the hopes of keeping the two groups from shooting each other. This did not seem to work out as planned.

With very little time to react, and very little interest in being shot, I jump into the car with Roland. Our transient friend decides to run away rather than get a free ride, and so we give chase after Lo Fan. Heading down the street after his car which seems to be fleeing the scene, and the lookouts currently shooting at him. Though we escape some of their notice, one of the thugs spots us and attempts to steal the car. Not particularly in the mood for this crap, I take out my water hose gun (an enchanted item) and fire, hitting him with the equivalent of a fire hydrant and throwing him quite a ways away.

Having not really expected the gun to have quite so much kick, I demand that Roland pull over so I can make sure that the guy is alright. I don't want to become a Lawbreaker any time soon, or ever if I can help it. Roland says no, so I jump out of the car and run to the thug's aid. He's a bit messed up, but nothing severe, so I promise to call him an ambulance, picking up his gun, and run off after Roland who has continued his pursuit without me.

Today is the Deathwatch game, so I'm sure that tomorrow I'll have a write up for it as well. Till then.

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  1. I enjoy Katy Perry a whole lot. very frothy and just a little naughty.