Monday, February 14, 2011

Words, Words, Words

Well, not really all that much to mention. Finally getting over this god awful cold I've had, the weather's taken a turn for the better, and I've just started reading 'Side Jobs', a collection of short stories from the Dresden Files, so everything is pretty good.

Watched the Grammys last night. Well, by watch I meant flicked back and forth between channels when the thing I was really watching went to commercials. Never heard of Arcade Fire before, so a little curious now after they won Album of the Year. For the most part, though, I think I'll just stick with my IAMX, Ghostland Observatory, and the like.

RPG-wise, I finally took a good look at the DC system and figured out how all that stuff worked. Was a little confused when I tried to build a Power and ended up with something more expensive than my whole character.

Dresden Files RPG and Deathwatch both coming up in a few days, so looking forward to that. I'll probably do summaries of those for my next post if I remember them clearly enough the day after. If there's anyone that actually reads this blog and is interested in the Dresden Files RPG, I feel compelled to inform you that there's still plenty of room to join up.

Till next post.

Mood: Optimistic

Music: 'I Need A Doctor' by Dr. Dre featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey

Quote: "I had a romance novel inside me, but I paid three sailors to beat it out of me with steel pipes." - Patton Oswalt

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