Friday, February 18, 2011

Pretty Sweet Ride

Well, yesterday was the Deathwatch game. A very entertaining session was had by all. Er.. well.. mostly all.

After receiving word from a Deathwatch team on Avalos that their team has suffered heavy losses and the mission has failed, the Fortress Erioch sends in another team to retrieve their stranded Battle-Brothers. And, if necessary, to order Exterminatus to ensure that the Genestealer infestation is stopped once and for all.

Meanwhile, back on the planet, the surviving Deathwatch Marines Lucius and Sesnian battle to hold back the encroaching rebel hordes. They repel the Genestealer cultists in time to receive message from the Kill-team Commander, ordering them to fall back to the House of Echoes for retrieval. Before they can do so, however, they decide to attempt to retrieve their Fallen brothers gene-seed, a dangerous plan given that many genestealers still lurk in the area.

With all the valor and honor that becomes a member of the Adeptus Astartes, they brave an assault against the Governor's Mansion to retrieve their fallen comrade, only to be met by the deadly genestealers who have been lying in wait. The Space Marines are fast, but the genestealers prove faster, their claws easily slicing through steel and ceramite, near fatally wounding the two Marines in short order.

However, before the hideous xeno can finish off the brave warriors of the Emperor, the Kill-team arrives, several jumping from the Thunderhawk Gunship to lay waste to the alien filth, as the others fire from above, raining death down upon their foes. Taken by surprise, the genestealers have no time to react before they are cut down. The rescue team grabs their fallen comrades and loads them back onto the transport, taking off as they order Exterminatus and wipe the planet clean of all life, both alien and human.

Such is the price of eternal vigilance, but the Emperor shall protect the souls of the faithful.

I love writing in Imperiumese!

Mood: Righteous

Music: 'The Dream' by Jerry Goldsmith (From the Total Recall soundtrack. I know. But it always sounded pretty Space Marine-y to me.)

Quote Of The Day: "I'm not familiar with the metric system." - Patton Oswalt

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